Customer Value Agreement


With a Customer Value Agreement (CVA) from Caterpillar backed by the support of Blanchard, you can better protect the investment you count on each and every day. CVAs feature individualized solutions for parts, services, and digital products designed to address your evolving needs throughout the lifecycle of your power system. Agreements are tailor-made to fit your business and can range from simple Preventive Maintenance Kits to sophisticated Total Cost Performance Guarantees. No matter which option you choose, Blanchard Energy will provide you with careful planning and ongoing attention that will help you succeed. Our trained technicians will be there to assist you by maintaining your equipment and driving down operating costs.

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Your CVA is all one plan, fit for your operation and backed by expert tools and advice. With expert information at your fingertips to plan, schedule, and execute your maintenance and repair needs, your ownership experience is hassle free with complete asset protection. Once you choose your options, you are free to focus on the work that improves your bottom line.

Your CVA unlocks maintenance efficiencies to achieve engine maintenance optimization. Genuine Cat parts are designed for your asset and delivered right to you, right on time. If you prefer to handle your own maintenance, convenient options are available. Cat dealers provide trained professionals who can work with your schedule to minimize downtime. Service options are flexible to best suit your application.

Your CVA tools help you monitor your asset and lower the risk of issues occurring. Customer portals show you real-time asset insights such as asset hours, location, fault codes, fuel burn* and maintenance alerts. Fluid health analysis tests the condition of your asset’s oil, fuel, and coolant – giving you a look inside major systems to better prevent failures and downtime. Inspections further help monitor your asset’s health and allow you to troubleshoot issues on-site. The Extended Protection option offers coverage to meet your expectations and provide peace of mind for your investment.

Your CVA provides dedicated resources for your maintenance planning, repairs, rebuilds, and upgrades. With diagnostic and troubleshooting support, you can be at ease with dedicated expert dealer advice and training options.

Customer Value Agreements are not just for large pieces of equipment, and they are not just for new equipment either. The need to get more work done at a lower cost is the same, regardless of age or application.