Aerial Lift Rentals


Aerial equipment is necessary when workers need to move their work to different heights. Having the appropriate equipment on-site makes a huge difference in terms of safety and efficiency, so Blanchard Machinery Company caters to business owners in South Carolina with a variety of aerial lifts for rent. We are your source for high-quality machines that allow your employees to complete tasks with a fast turnaround.

At Blanchard Machinery, we understand that some clients only need aerial equipment on an occasional basis, so we’re proud to offer flexible rental plans that help you expand into new opportunities. Move materials to elevated heights and boost productivity thanks to our electric and diesel-powered technology.

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Types of Aerial Lift Rentals We Provide

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution for construction jobs, electrical work, tree maintenance, and related projects, so we give you access to multiple aerial lift builds to suit your applications. Speak to one of our representatives about the following aerial work platform rentals in your area:

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Articulating Boom Lift Rentals (up to 80 feet)

Articulating boom lift rentals from Blanchard Machinery are ideal for challenging sites. User controls allow you to fine-tune platform positions in almost any direction, including up, down, and side-to-side. Maneuver around obstacles such as power lines, branches, and structures with the ability to reach working heights close to 80 feet.

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Telescopic Boom Lift Rentals (up to 135 feet)

Telescopic, or straight boom, lifts have platforms that extend straight out from a main frame. Blanchard recommends these aerial lifts when working on rough terrain for extended periods of time. Our telescopic boom lifts can elevate professionals up to 135 feet while remaining stable.

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Scissor Lift Rentals (up to 43 feet)

Scissor lifts resemble an accordion and lift users directly upward. The rental scissor lifts at Blanchard Rental Services remain mobile while in the extended position, allowing your team to work with HVAC systems, lighting fixtures, and more up to 43 feet from the ground.

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Vertical Personnel Lift Rentals (up to 25 feet)

Our vertical personnel lifts for rent are narrow, towable, and move straight up. These rentals are designed for a single operator and are a lightweight choice for indoor repairs. Your employees can reach up to 31 feet vertically while leaving room for tools, materials, and other equipment near the base of the machine.

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